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Come and join us!
Weekend Rowing
Come and join us on Saturdays and Sunday from 07h00 and learn how to row.
Monthly Racing
Come and join us on the first Saturday of every month from 09h00 and watch some boat racing and enjoy a drink and snack on the banks of Wemmer Pan.
Contact us for more information about a membership option that suits you.
Years old
Active members

About WPRC

WPRC was established in 1911 as a sailing club and the rowing section was formed in 1918. WPRC has members ranging from juniors, seniors and master rowers and some of our rowers have been club members for more than 60 years. The club also have many families as members. WPRC is one of the oldest and well known rowing clubs in the country with an excellent fleet of boats. Some of its rowers have rowed competitively at the highest level and the master section of the club is one of the top master squads in the country.
Getting fit and healthy
Meeting new people and having fun
Enjoying being on the water

Latest News

Find out about what's happening at the WPRC.
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Activities / Projects

What we do at the WPRC.

Meet the WPRC Team

Meet the people that are going to take your rowing to the next level.
Alan Bentley
Alan Bentley

WPRC Captain

    Madison Bannon
    Madison Bannon

    WPRC Head Coach

    More about Madison here.

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