Wemmer Pan Rowing Club is situated at Wemmer Pan, Pioneers Park, La Rochelle.

The club was established in 1912 as a sailing club and the rowing section was formed in 1918. Wemmer Pan Rowing Club has members ranging from juniors, seniors and master rowers and some of our rowers have been club members for more than 60 years. The club also have many families as members. The club is one of the oldest and well known rowing clubs in the country with an excellent fleet of boats. Some of its rowers have rowed competitively at the highest level and the master section of the club is one of the top master squads in the country.

oarWemmer Pan has a full time coach giving regular coaching to junior members during the week and senior and master members on weekends The club has a Learn to Row clinic which teaches prospective rowers all the basics of rowing, technique, terminology, boat classes and more. For more info on the Learn to Row clinics please visit our LTR page. The club also has a junior rowing development programme for children in neighbouring communities who have not had opportunities and exposure to rowing in the past. For more on our development programme please visit our Juniors page.

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