The Wemmer Pan Rowing Club (WPRC) is hosting the inaugural WPRC List Racing Series 2018/19. List Racing will take place over 9 months on the first Saturday of every month from 08h00-12h00 at Wemmer Pan. Drinks and food will be available.

List Racing Day 3 is taking place on Saturday, 8 December 2018 at 16h00.
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Come and join us to find out who is the best in Joburg and have some fun on the water!
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Last updated on 10 November 2018 (after List Racing Day 2).

  Single sculls Double sculls / pairs
1 Michael Power (WPRC) (*Mast. M) Power/King (WPRC/EDS)
2 Shaun d’Hotman (WPRC) Van Es/Madeley (WPRC/VRC)
3 Artur Miszczyk (WPRC) (*Jnr. M) N. Bentley/A. Bentley (WPRC)
4 Keith Bradley (WPRC) N. Bentley/King (WPRC/EDS)
5 Clen Cook (WPRC) Bradley/Mizuno (WPRC)
6 Natalie Bentley (WPRC) (*Mast. W) McKinnon/A. Bentley (WPRC)
7 Estee Roodt (WPRC) Power/d’Hotman (WPRC)
8 Toka Makhetha (WPRC) (*Snr. M) Lutz/Greg (VRC)
9 Hideki Mizuno (WPRC)
10 Alan Bentley (WRPC)
11 Sopuluchukwa Nwana (WPRC)
12 Nathi Mtlomelo (WPRC)
13 Dieter Van Es (WPRC)
14 Mark Cronin (VRC)
15 Martin Hale (VRC)
16 Madison Bannon (WPRC)
17 Michael Hunt (VRC)


WPRC – Wemmer Pan Rowing Club

VRC – Vikings Rowing Club


The rules of the List Racing Series are:

  1. There are two lists: a single sculls lists and a double-sculls / pairs list. Junior, senior, and masters rowers are all welcome to join either or both lists.
  2. In order to start the list, names will be drawn out of a hat at List Racing day 1 of each series. Once the list has been established you may challenge the person or crew ahead of you, thereby enabling you to move up the list. Competitors are welcome to join the lists at subsequent List Racing days but will start at the bottom of the list.
  3. Competitors are allowed to challenge up to two places ahead of them on the list and are allowed up to three challenges per List Racing day.
  4. Should a competitor not be present on a List Racing day, they forfeit their position on the list.
  5. Challenges can be made during the month or on a List Racing day but all challenges need to be confirmed with the List Racing Chair.
  6. It costs R30 per List Racing day to race. Junior rowers, development rowers, family, and friends do not pay a fee.
  7. Competitors are welcome to race in their own boats but boats will also be provided by the WPRC.
  8. List Racing is two boat side by side racing over 700 metres. No handicaps. No timing. First boat across the line wins.
  9. The updated lists will be published in the week succeeding a List Racing day on the WPRC website.
  10. The List Racing Champions will be announced at the last List Racing day of each series.
  11. Any disputes will be resolved by the List Racing Chair, whose decision is final.

(For crew boats, the same crew needs to race together in all challenges. Should you make a crew change, you will automatically be disqualified from the race unless the crew change has been accepted by both crews in a particular challenge and confirmed by the List Racing Chair.)