WPRC offers several membership options:

Effective from 1 August 2018

For 2 or more family members
Over 18 and working full or part time

R2160/6 months**

R1080/3 months**

R720/2 months**


Full time registered student over 18

R1350/6 months**

R675/3 months**

R450/2 months**


Full time scholar under 18

R1230/6 months**

R615/3 months**

R410/2 months**


Occasional rowing 12 times/year, no participation in regattas
Boat Storage
Single scull, double-scull, or pair.

* Either paid in full at the beginning of each season or in installments as arranged with the Treasurer.

** Paid in full before member begins rowing.

Membership fees are paid on an annual basis and include club entrance fee and ROWSA affiliation fees, but exclude a R500 administration fee changed either at the full rate or on a pro rata basis for shorter-term memberships. Prospective members should be introduced to the Club Captain or Club Chair and will be permitted up to 2 months of activity, excluding competitions, before being required to complete an application form.

If you are interested in membership, please fill in the below membership application form or get in touch to find out about the application process.

Membership Application Form

Disclaimer & Terms of Membership

The Wemmer Pan Rowing Club’s (WPRC or Club) property is private and the right of admission is at all times reserved to the Club, its members and employees.

Any persons entering the Club’s property and/or using the Club’s facilities:

  • Do so entirely at their own risk and neither the Club nor the Club’s management, members or any employee shall be liable in any manner whatsoever for:
    • Any claim or damage arising or suffered either directly or indirectly from personal injury or harm whatsoever, including death, or any damage whether direct or indirect to personal or other property whatsoever, and howsoever caused.
    • Shall, by doing so, be deemed to indemnify the Club against any liability for damages, howsoever caused.

Each member as a condition of membership and each guest or visitor as a condition of invitation assumes sole responsibility for his/her property. The Club shall under no circumstances whatsoever be liable for any loss and/or damage to the property of a member, guest and/or visitors brought onto the premises of the Club whether occasioned by theft or otherwise.